Warning for the United States. Roe v. Wade finally overturned?
No and no.
How Many People Do You Know With Vaccine Injuries?Just a quick survey…do you know anyone with either a suspected or confirmed vaccine injury? Do you know any vaccinated people who have come down…
Moderna now working on an mRNA monkeypox vaccine?
Twindemic? "Coincidental" 2021 bioterror exercise focused on a vaccine-resistant strain of monkeypox.
New study shows positive safety signal for mRNA vaccines, although risk appears higher for "viral vector" vaccines like AstraZeneca.
Musk apparently expected a happy ending. Biden allegedly raped his aide as a Senator. But Musk is the evil one who must be destroyed here?
Monkeypox: Share Your ThoughtsI am still resting up after the spinal tap…sleeping a lot! So I will share my thoughts later, but what do you think of the monkeypox outbreak? S…
Mary Poppins of Disinformation Quits.
The Kids in the Hall Are Back, and I Am Getting a Spinal Tap Tomorrow Watch now (11 min) | I may be off for the week. Why the KITH theme song makes me emotional.
Busy Bill recently also opened a vaccine plant for "high valent vaccines" and then got covid.
In response to online chatter about lack of blood in the horrible massacre.