Note: I’m updating the mission of this blog and this is a work in progress. Covid is still around but I don’t want to focus just on that. The general theme of Wholistic is to analyze and explore aspects of modern life that impact “health” - which includes public health policy, culture, and sometimes politics.

A few points I want to jot down here before I totally redo this page. My intention with Wholistic is support the following general values:

  • free speech over censorship

  • open discourse and debate

  • no groupthink or sacred cows

I identify as neither leftwing or rightwing. I’m calling myself “upwing.” :-)


Hi! I’m a holistic health expert. This publication began after I was censored off of Medium for an article, Patriarchal Vaccine Mandates Aren’t the Only Answer to Covid, where I criticized the new covid vaccines as possibly “the most dangerous vaccines ever put on the market.”

Medium gave me no warning and banned me permanently from the platform. I moved over to Substack and never looked back.

Since then, “Wholistic” (this publication) has been focused a lot on vaccine mandates (I’m against them) and the potential dangers of new mRNA vaccine technology. Since I am a holistic health practitioner, I also write about alternative medicine. Additionally, because “Wholistic” is “holistic,” I often veer often into seemingly unrelated issues or tangents ranging from free speech to the state of modern music.

Current Public Health Focus

  • End all vaccine mandates, including for healthcare workers, especially for non-sterilizing vaccines that do not stop people from catching and spreading a disease.

  • Stop online censorship by big tech, especially when it comes to healthcare topics. Social media crowdsourcing of injury reports for any pharmaceutical product, including and especially new vaccines, should be a “feature,” not a “bug” to be squashed.

  • Encourage debate and informed consent over vaccine technologies.

  • Break the monopoly Big Pharma and Western medicine have over healthcare.

  • Enable vaccine choice where consumers have the right to choose which type of vaccine they get with many different options to choose from (such as Novavax over Pfizer)...or no vaccine at all. 

  • Improve vaccine safety testing by requiring stricter third-party independent testing and relying less on pharmaceutical companies policing themselves.

Note: I am not anti-vaccine across the board, and even though I am not a fan of mRNA vaccines, I think it is better at this time to give people a choice, as long as they would be adequately informed of the risks. We do not have that situation right now, however.

Compassion Culture vs. Cancel Culture

I am 100% opposed to cancel culture. I do not think you can make the world a kinder place by writing people off wholesale for saying something stupid or even offensive. I believe wholeheartedly that dialogue, not censorship, is the answer. I also do not think you end racism by calling people racist at the drop of a hat. I believe it is better to put your money where your mouth is and go into marginalized communities to help people directly vs. focusing on cultural wars and arguments with people online.

I believe the left is making a huge mistake by dehumanizing conservatives and ostracizing them instead of bringing them on board with love and kindness. I also believe that conservatives are making things worse by reacting in kind and lashing out instead of just taking positive action to resolve some of the problems.

We need to replace this culture of division and hatred with a new culture, which I am calling compassion culture.

Compassion culture is:

  • Positively Proactive. If you see a problem, try to fix it instead of yelling at other people for supposedly creating the problem.

  • Genuinely Kind. If someone says something that offends you, don’t write them off and disown them. Ask them to clarify what they said and listen with your heart. If they are still wrong, then politely try to share with them why you believe that and hold them in your heart. Let it go and give them some space to come around instead of disowning them.

  • Uniting Instead of Dividing. Being united doesn’t mean we agree on everything. It means we respect the yin and yang that makes life interesting and wonderful. In a healthy society, both liberals and conservatives need each other and work together, seeing each side as a healthy balancing force instead of an enemy that must be destroyed at all costs.

I consider myself to be “up-wing” vs. left-wing or right-wing. In reality, I need both my right and left wings to be able to fly.

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