Bonuses for paid subscribers!

THANK YOU for your support! Paid subscribers to Wholistic will get some perks…these may evolve as time goes on. They include:

  • Periodic community calls

  • Discounts on classes and services - and extra discounts when a sale is happening (i.e., 20% instead of just 10%)

  • Occasional free classes on holistic healing and related topics

  • (Rarely) extra content on Substack and access to books-in-progress

  • Access to 24/7 video chat/hangout/virtual coworking environment and special events there - includes healing room

FYI, some of these perks will overlap with the perks for Wholistic Healing, the spin-off blog. The main difference is that a video library of holistic classes will be included on Wholistic Healing, which is why that subscription will be twice as much at $10/month. (Currently, Substack does not offer a way to combine subscriptions from different blogs so you’ll need to subscribe to Wholistic Healing if you want the video classes.)

For special coupon codes for Wholistic paid subscribers, see below (note, these will be updated periodically, so come back for new codes and sometimes new perks):

This post is for paid subscribers