If There’s One Thing You Need to Read About Covid, This Is It

According to one writer, everything they’ve done to “fix” covid has made things worse. Possibly on purpose.

I encourage everyone to take the time to read The Snake-Oil Salesmen and the COVID-Zero Con: A Classic Bait-And-Switch for a Lifetime of Booster Shots (Immunity as a Service) by Julius Ruechel. It’s long. Really long. I read it in a number of sittings.

I’ll try my best to summarize the points he makes in this important analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic response. Here’s my best shot, though I’m sure I’ve missed something.

1.      Eradication of covid via vaccination is impossible, and the “health experts” have always known this. Coronaviruses mutate too quickly and thus cannot be fully eradicated like smallpox or measles.

2.      The only way for humans to deal with mutating viruses like coronaviruses is to be exposed frequently to less virulent strains to build up natural cross-reactive immunity over time.

3.      Variants will always exist with coronaviruses, but the question is, will they be mild or more deadly variants? Without human intervention, the mutations should be relatively mild. Thus, the “health experts” pushing fear with each new variant are being disingenuous as they should know this is what coronaviruses do – mutate.

4.      Here’s the big problem: COVID-19 lockdowns, social distancing, and mask requirements actually block our ability to catch less virulent strains while allowing more deadly strains to circulate (in hospitals and nursing homes).

5.      Because we are denying our immune system its normal “strength training” by viral exposure, our immune systems are weakening overall while allowing more virulent covid strains to gain steam.

6.      We are not only making ourselves more vulnerable in the future to coronaviruses by hiding in our homes, but we are actually becoming more vulnerable to other viruses as well, such as RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). It’s no accident we are now seeing an “explosion” in RSV cases. It’s most likely a direct result of covid lockdowns.

7.      Western covid vaccines, which are leaky vaccines to begin with, amplify the problem by allowing those vaccinated to be protected (temporarily) from a more virulent strain (like Delta) while still passing it on, thus encouraging the survival of bad strains over more benign strains.

8.      Vaccination and lockdowns also get in the way of developing natural cross-reactive immunity, which is much more lasting and stronger than vaccine-induced, temporary immunity.

9.      In an almost-worst-case scenario, the vaccines will enable the proliferation of more deadly strains, which will harm the unvaccinated as well as the vaccinated (once the vaccine wears off, which is a given).

10.   The really scary, worst-case-scenario is that the vaccines could also cause ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) or vaccine-enhanced disease, meaning that the vaccinated will have the wrong antibodies once new variants gain foothold. If this happens, then the vaccinated could be much more at risk of serious illness and death from the new variants.

11.   The “solution” to this? Big Pharma will be producing endless boosters, each tailored to the new, deadlier variants that are arising precisely because of mass vaccination and lockdown policies.

12.   The problem is, developing and distributing vaccines in time to protect people from the new, deadlier variants (promoted by lockdowns and vaccinations) is logistically difficult if not impossible. But, that won’t stop Big Pharma from moving forward despite the potential short-term casualties and long-term problems.

13.   The kicker? The pharmaceutical companies and public health officials must have known this all along. Because they can’t possibly be that stupid. (Or can they?)

Julius Ruechel writes:

In other words, your previous vaccination protects you only until new variants arise, then the training that your previous vaccination gave your immune system becomes a liability as your immune system switches from protecting you to increasing your risk from the disease. Your only way to protect yourself is to dutifully get your next “updated” booster shot to protect you for next few short months. You become a permanent drug dependent vaccine customer. And you better hope next year’s formulation doesn't get it wrong. And you better hope that updates can keep you safe indefinitely because there’s also the risk that updates will get less effective as the bad training from previous boosters begins to add up.

And What About All Those Adverse Reactions?

My other big concern is that people who thought they were OK after two covid shots may not be so lucky after boosters three and four. As Julius Ruechel writes:

And with every booster, you’ll get to play Russian Roulette all over again with side effects: death, autoimmune diseases, reactivation of dormant viruses, neurological damage, blood clotting, and more.

It may be even worse than this. Now, I’ve read all sorts of theories about the covid vaccines, some of which are more “out there” than others. But what catches my eye are comments such as this one:

Obtw my wifes oncologist was asking about what we doing to stay safe from the coof. We explained the protocol and gave her some linx . I asked what changed her mind on the shots. Her eyes got wide ,she looked almost frightened . She said something is happening to peoples immune system, that we dont understand.

There are rumors swirling around that the mRNA covid vaccines may reactivate or speed up cancer! Yes, cancer! Not to mention the concerns that they may mess up the immune system, wiping out previous antibodies.

What’s it going to take to wake people up that these vaccines may not be the saviors they were touted as?

The problem is, too many people have bought into the covid fear porn. They can’t comprehend that rushing towards universal vaccine mandates is almost guaranteed to have a horrific outcome.

Will the dreaded “c” word (cancer) be enough to get people to be more cautious about these vaccines? Because apparently losing limbs, developing neurological disorders, or getting blood clots all over your body isn’t enough to wake people up.

What May Save Us: The “Evil” Unwashed

The thing that may save us are the stubborn and oft-vilified people of the world who are saying “hell no” to lockdowns and thus getting their covid immunity the natural way. If there are enough of them spreading some good germs around, they may stave off the worst covid variants.

Remember, variants that circulate easily among a healthy population are more likely to be benign and not that deadly. Variants that are only allowed to survive in hospital rooms and ICUs are more likely to be deadly.

If we’re lucky, perhaps vaccine mandates simply won’t be adopted across the globe, allowing more benign variants to develop. The entire vaccine booster scheme seems to be targeted mostly at first-world Western countries.

In fact, the World Health Organization is actually upset that “rich nations” are hoarding booster shots while some third-world countries don’t have vaccines at all. Still, WHO is hell-bent on getting 70% of everyone on the globe vaccinated by mid-2022, which could be disastrous if leaky vaccines cause superbugs much like overuse of antibiotics.

What Should the Public Health Plan Be?

I wrote back in June of 2021 what I think a holistic approach to covid might look like. I didn’t have much data to back it up at the time, but my warning was this:

Sterilizing the planet is not the answer and if we continue down this path, we are likely to breed a human race that has a weakened, dysfunctional immune system.

What we’ve been seeing since with the data coming from Israel is that the vaccines not only do not work to stop the spread of covid, they aren’t actually doing much to stop deaths by covid either.

We need to focus on mitigation and re-open. Only the very vulnerable who are at high-risk of death by covid should be encouraged to vaccinate and it should be their choice. And we need to stop suppressing treatments.

Everyone else needs to focus on building up their immune system, and part of doing that is going out and catching mild viruses. Don’t blame me for this, it’s how Mother Nature set things up. Julius Ruechel writes:

Now that you see the con, you also know the simple recipe to make this virus go away before their reckless policies turn it a monster virus for real. Remember 1918. End the war on the virus. Let the young folks come out of the trenches. Let people go back to their lives. Provide focused protection for the vulnerable. That is how this virus fades into the history books.


The Snake-Oil Salesmen and the COVID-Zero Con: A Classic Bait-And-Switch for a Lifetime of Booster Shots (Immunity as a Service)


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