YouTube’s Censorship Isn’t About Protecting People, It’s About Protecting Profits

What’s more dangerous? COVID-19? Or junk food?

YouTube just announced that they were banning all anti-vaccine content from their platform (as if that wasn’t already evident).

People who back such anti-free speech efforts claim (we might add: “without evidence,” as the mainstream media likes to say): Vaccine critics are “killing people,” and thus any and all “irresponsible” vaccine critical rhetoric needs to stop!

Let’s just step aside the issue of this particular non-sterilizing vaccine, which doesn’t stop the spread of the disease, and makes the vaccinated afraid of the unvaccinated.1

If the issue is that we need to stop people from spreading ideas and promoting talking points that might kill people, especially when it comes to health, why stop at vaccines?

Who do you think actually kills more people? Anti-vaccine activists, who are still primarily a fringe voice in this country? Or corporations like McDonald’s that peddle unhealthy fast foods that are a major factor in our obesity epidemic?

Let’s see...obesity kills at least 2.8 million people worldwide each year, according to the World Health Organization. Before the covid pandemic, obesity caused 1 in 5 deaths in the United States in a close contest with smoking.

It gets “better” – a study by the CDC discovered that 78% of patients hospitalized for guessed it...overweight or obese.

Here’s some damning information from another study on obesity and covid from Mexico:

The case-fatality rate was 9.2%, and 21% of hospitalized patients died. Obesity alone almost tripled the risk of death (aHR, 2.7), while obesity combined with other underlying illnesses increased the risk of death and other severe outcomes even further (diabetes HR, 2.79; immunosuppression HR, 5.06; high blood pressure HR, 2.30).

You can easily find tons of studies on the correlation between severe covid and obesity.

Get Your Junk Food on YouTube

Obesity kills people without a doubt.

Yet, I don’t see YouTube banning the McDonald’s YouTube channel.

Or the official Frito Lay channel.

And you know what? I like a fresh Krispy Kreme as much as the next gal, but I have to wonder why Krispy Kreme isn’t banned off of YouTube for risking people’s lives?

Television advertising is a form of hypnosis. They are literally using YouTube to make people addicted to their junk food!

Where’s the outcry?

Other Potentially Dangerous Products on YouTube

So...what other potentially dangerous products and ideas are being pushed on YouTube?

I’m going to nominate...Big Pharma! From U.S. News & World Report in 2016:

 A more recent analysis estimates 128,000 Americans die each year as a result of taking medications as prescribed – or nearly five times the number of people killed by overdosing on prescription painkillers and heroin.

In fact, some suggest that prescription drugs are the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. Now, this stat is from a natural health publication, which won’t be enough for people. So, I found a study from 2014 suggesting pharmaceutical drugs were the third leading cause of death in the United States and Europe.

If you want to keep tabs on the Big Pharma Death Toll, check out the Pharma Death Clock.

These estimates aren’t even including all the death data on the COVID-19 vaccines in the CDC’s own VAERS database. Of course, the common excuse is that “anyone can file a report” but this canned talking point neglects to mention that physicians are required by law to file reports of adverse vaccine reactions.

(By the way, this legal reporting requirement is not new or just for covid vaccines, check the Wayback Machine if you don’t believe me, i.e., this snapshot from 2018.)

How many deaths are too many? Did an anti-vaccine activist kill one person or ten by discouraging a vaccine? How does that compare with a drug company directing killing someone who had a reaction to their medicine? Isn’t one death enough reason to ban a YouTube channel? For the protection of all, right?

Funny thing, though. Pfizer still has not just one but multiple YouTube channels up. Moderna has a working YouTube channel too.

But don’t try to find Dr. Joseph Mercola there, he engaged in the unpardonable sin of criticizing vaccines while promoting alternatives like “dangerous” natural remedies.

Or this Herbal Medicine 101 channel, now on Rumble, which wasn’t even talking vaccines but apparently pissed off a Fauci fan when it was banned from YouTube.

Or the Ron Paul Institute channel. They don’t know actually what they did wrong to get wiped off of YouTube, but whatever it was, it must have been related to “literally killing people.”

Phew. I mean, we wouldn’t want Ron Paul of all people commenting on healthcare, after all he is a retired politician who has never been a...oh wait a minute. Dr. Paul was also a physician much of his life. My bad. Well, he must have been a bad physician, so there, clearly he deserved to be censored.

Big Money Talks...You Do Not

So aside from the sarcasm, I hope you can see my point here. Channels are up that promote products and behaviors (such as eating too many donuts) that can kill people. But YouTube doesn’t ban those channels. Why?

See, the answer to this question is simple. McDonald’s, Frito Lay, Krispy Kreme, Pfizer, and Moderna are big corporations with advertising and lobbying dollars that go into the pocketbooks of politicians and the executives at YouTube.

Dr. Joseph Mercola has some money, but clearly not enough to be worth YouTube’s time. And Ron Paul? While net worth is estimated at almost $5 million, that’s chump change to Google (who owns YouTube).

The average rabid “anti-vaxxer” is a stay-at-home mom with average income and some extra time on her hands. These are people YouTube feels they can afford to alienate.

But But But But But

But wait! You might say. Someone who eats themselves to death isn’t putting anyone else at risk, like an anti-vaxxer does when they don’t vaccinate.

Sorry, you lost that argument when you conceded that the mRNA vaccines don’t stop the spread of covid (source on that, the CDC itself) and then shifted to the excuse that we must silence vaccine critics because unvaccinated people are filling up hospitals and taking up beds and resources.

Couldn’t that same argument apply to anyone else who engages in certain types of activities, whether it’s overeating, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, texting while driving, smoking, vaping, skydiving, or promiscuous sex without a condom?

Some of you might be saying: “Don’t give them any ideas, Stephanie.” Yes, I’m well aware that perhaps the Powers That Be may try to ruthlessly monitor and track everything we eat and do as part of a massive cost-benefit analysis. But before that happens, we have big, ginormous corporations that profit highly off of purposefully addictive food and drink.

For now, corporations like McDonald’s are likely to block any efforts to thwart their business. Hell, maybe they will end up making money on both ends – feed you the junk on the one side, and then sell you the “cure” on the other.

Either way, YouTube isn’t about saving lives. It’s about controlling a narrative.

Alternatives to YouTube

So YouTube has gone fascist. What are we going to do about it? Reduce our usage and promote alternatives. Fortunately, many new YouTube alternatives are available and becoming more and more popular. Here are a few:


BitChute was an early YouTube alternative built on blockchain technology, thus the unfortunate if cheeky name “Bit” + “Chute” – pronounced BIT-shoot, not BITCH-oot. They were of course branded right away as a haven for mythological right-wing extremist boogeymen, so the URL is probably insta-banned on a number of social media platforms. It’s definitely fringy, and you can find an odd assortment of things on there, but also some decent stuff as well.


Rumble does a good job of being non-partisan on the front page, which I think is important to get more “normies” on board. They run a lot of cat and animal videos. This is a good thing. Unfortunately, their app kinda sucks and it’s hard to keep track of what you watched. But Glenn Greenwald is now here as well as many other major names.


Odysee is a newcomer also built on blockchain technology. This is where Bret Weinstein mirrored his DarkHorse Podcast after YouTube took down an interview he did on the vaccines with Dr. Robert Malone and Steve Kirsch. Odysee is great in that they have a sense of humor and seem to be really engaged with their userbase. I think this one might end up being the most successful out of all three, but this unfortunately means sometimes their service lags and videos can be slow sometimes.

Brand New Tube

I honestly haven’t spent much time on this one, though I’ve viewed some videos shared that were hosted here. So far, so good.

There are others, of course, but they tend to be associated with controversial personalities and thus a bit more focused around their channels. If you are looking to share videos with your friends still clinging to Facebook, I’d probably use Rumble or Odysee links as my first go-to, as they are the least obviously political.

Lessening Reliance on YouTube

The problem with YouTube is that it’s hard to completely get off of it. I have some channels I watch there, and this content often can’t be found elsewhere. First, we all need to contact our favorite YouTube channels and ask them nicely to mirror their channels on other platforms. For larger channels, I believe Odysee may make this an easier transition through automation.

But sometimes you can only (easily) find things on YouTube.

I have to confess, for example, a friend got me turned on to Turkish television shows. I got about 26 episodes into Resurrection Etrugrul (Dirilis Etrugrul), one of the most popular TV shows on the planet, and Netflix got rid of the first two seasons.2 Also from the Turks, and probably one of the best spiritual TV shows ever made, is a fictionalized series about Turkish Sufi Poet Yunus Emre, sadly also removed from Netflix recently. It’s also on YouTube and hard to find with English subtitles elsewhere.

The problem is, YouTube adds advertising every few minutes when watching these shows on Roku or a Fire Stick. I got sick of this and installed NewPipe, a free Android app that removes YouTube ads, so I can watch Ertrugrul on my tablet without any ads whatsoever. (You can use NewPipe on a Fire Stick if you know how to manually install an .apk, but the subtitles don’t work as of this writing.)

You can also give YouTube Vanced a try to remove those interstitial sponsors on YouTube.

Additionally, sites like will let you download videos from YouTube, and you can also find free services to download YouTube subtitles.

I am not giving any money to YouTube if I don’t need to.

Sometimes you can watch international TV shows on other websites. I’ve since found out that Ertugrul is also available on Kayi Family TV with English subtitles along with a new Turkish hit, a show about Turkish pirates called Barbaroslar. (My guilty pleasure is a kids show called Tozkoparan that has become strangely addicting – also on Kayi Family TV.) In order to watch these, I have a laptop hooked up into a TV using an HDMI cable.

(Oddly enough, Kayi Family TV just got their Telegram channel blocked for copyright infringement, so I don’t know if this means Telegram is being controlled and why this would even be done considering these shows were produced by Turkish public television. You can decide for yourself regarding considerations of copyright infringement.3)

Ultimately, we need to encourage content creators to move or mirror their channels on alternative platforms. When I can easily look up “Turkish 101” on Odysee, I’ll know that I no longer need YouTube. For now, if I do use YouTube, I’ll try to make it as hard for them to make money off me as possible.

I can only hope that these Big Tech companies get some new management that values free speech. But better yet, I hope the upstarts eventually destroy them. The problem is, this censorship is going to get worse. Expect it soon at the browser level, operating system level, and ISP level soon. Get familiar with Linux if you can...more censorship is coming.


Holistic Health Podcast on Odysee and Rumble

Covid Vaccine Freedom Channel on Telegram

Holistic Healing Channel on Telegram

Holistic Health & Wellness Community at Locals

Uncensored Holistic Healing Community at MeWe


To clarify, for the zillionth time, I am actually not anti-vaccine, but I am anti-vaccine mandate, especially with brand new vaccine technologies that have not undergone rigorous, long-term testing and have clear safety signals that are being downplayed or downright ignored.


I know a lot of people don’t want to give money to Netflix. If it makes you feel better, I use my parents’ account, which they were paying for anyway.


Please be mindful and do not take any of this technology advice as a reason to knowingly circumvent copyright laws.