Why Your Doctor Might Be Blasé about “Shocking” Lab Results

In response to a viral video going around about immune systems “tanking.”

A viral video has gone around recently by Dr. Nathan Thompson, a chiropractor based in Illinois. (I don’t have anything against chiropractors; in many cases, they are better equipped to help people become healthy than standard doctors.)

He posted a video to YouTube recently titled: My Jaw DROPPED when I Tested Someone's Immune System After the 2nd Jab. YouTube, predictably, has taken it down already but you can find it mirrored endlessly on other platforms such as Odysee (such as this link here).

In the video, he shows some labwork from a patient who recently had a covid vaccine. The labs show the following after a CBC (complete blood count) with differential was done:

Granulocyte % 79.6 H

Lymphocyte % 13.8 L

CD3-/CD56+CD16+(NKCells)# 64 L

(Granulocytes are neutrophils, basophils, or eosinophils.)

In reading these results, Dr. Thompson says that this shows the “adaptive immune system has absolutely tanked.”

Now, I actually just had my own CBC with differential done, when I landed in the emergency room two weeks ago with severe vertigo. I had similar results to the labs Dr. Thompson discussed, however mine broke out the granulocyte types (which is important, actually, to fully understand what’s going on). In my case, I had:

Neutrophils Relative 76% H

Lymphocytes Relative 15.1% L

Eosinophils Relative 0.6% L

Funny enough, I had similar results last year when I was in the emergency room for dizziness and feeling like I was going to pass out. In fact, I’ve been getting these lab results consistently for four years now, each and every time I have been dealing with a “flare” of the now chronic illness I got after an acute infection that almost killed me one night.

Well, guess what? The ER doctors didn’t think anything of these lab results. Most of my doctors didn’t think anything of these lab results.

How Doctors Look at Lab Results

In conversations with numerous doctors about my CBC differential count, what I’ve been told is that they are more concerned with the total number of white blood cells. If that number is normal, they don’t pay too much attention to the percentages.

Thus, one of the problems with Dr. Thompson’s video is that he is also making statements about percentages of granulocytes vs. lymphocytes. But ultimately, the real important question is, are the actual numbers of lymphocytes within normal range? He does not say.

In my case, yes, my absolute lymphocyte count of 1.08 10*3/µl is in normal range of 1.00 – 4.80 10*3/µl, albeit on the lower end of the standard range.

Here’s the problem. Most doctors are looking for big problems. In my case, they have (for the most part) repeatedly ignored the persistent pattern I’ve had of elevated neutrophils and low lymphocytes.

They look at my total white blood cell count, see that it’s normal, and thus don’t fret over the percentages. Compared to “really sick people,” I am doing fine in their minds.

(I also rarely run a fever, which I persistently explain, but they ignore, thinking somehow me not having a fever means I don’t have an infection.)

But, these labs do tell a story, a story that can be missed.

Because I was looking for answers when I was in the ER last year and my neutrophils were high, I spent quite a bit of time looking up on the Internet what these percentages might mean. Here’s an explanation from one article:

Neutrophils: The function of neutrophils is to destroy and ingest bacteria. Neutrophils arrive first at the site of inflammation; therefore their numbers will increase greatly immediately after an injury or during the inflammatory process.

And here’s an important key regarding my labs:

Eosinophils: These are found in such areas as skin and the airway in addition to the bloodstream. They increase in number during allergic and inflammatory reactions and parasite infections. Normal blood levels range from 0 percent-7 percent.

Remember, now, my neutrophils are up, and my eosinophils are low. Thus, my labs could indicate a possible bacterial infection.

So last year, armed with this information (and after getting “take antibiotics” in meditation), I had two “urgent care” video visits with doctors at Kaiser Permanente. The first refused to prescribe antibiotics despite my sharing the labs with him and claimed I had a viral infection.

The second doctor, upon looking at the labs, commented “you’re right, these labs aren’t showing a consistent pattern with a viral infection,” and prescribed some antibiotics...which helped tremendously.

Had I not taken the time to look at and research my own labs, I would have possibly gotten sicker or at least went through unnecessary suffering for a longer period of time that was necessary.

Unfortunately, the antibiotics did not completely “cure” me of the chronic neurological symptoms, but they stopped the dizziness, feelings of weakness, and other acute, alarming symptoms.

Lab Results Are Often Dismissed

Fast forward to about a week and a half ago, when I visited a new ENT (ear nose and throat doctor) for my vertigo. I gave her my entire history of chronic illness and the possibility of repeated infection. I was also concerned about fluid in my right mastoid air cells (by the ear), which has now showed up consistently on two brain MRIs (one done recently in the hospital).

She ignored all that and told me I had allergies. I told her a Kaiser allergist said emphatically that I did not have allergies, and I had the labwork done that showed this. She claimed the allergy must be something that didn’t show up on the labs.

I didn’t press the issue too much, but asked her lightly why my neutrophils were up. She said it could just be stress.

She performed an Epley maneuver to fix the crystals in one ear, and told me to use nasal steroids (Flonase) and a neti pot.

We Need to Be Our Own Dr. House

Not quite satisfied with this answer, and concerned that the steroids could make a possible infection worse, I held off on them but also held off on antibiotics to see how I did. (I had an old refill of amoxicillin I had not used, so I had my dad pick it up for me just in case I got a lot worse.)

Just shy of two weeks after the vertigo onset, and after a second trip to the ENT where a different doctor actually made me more dizzy after doing an Epley (she then had to try a “BBQ roll”), I wasn’t that much better. I was miserable and felt constant brain fog. I had to be careful not to move my head too much or I’d trigger the vertigo. I can’t live like this.

I tried to look at my own situation objectively.

First, was I showing an increase in allergy symptoms such as runny nose, watery eyes, or increased nasal congestion? No, I was not.

Second, my labs were almost identical to the last “flare up” I had in 2020, which antibiotics helped.

Third, said labs showed a very low level of eosinophils. If you are having an allergic reaction, your eosinophils should be going up, not down.

Thus, I believe I am dealing with an infection, possibly bacterial.

OK. So far so good. Could something have triggered this?

Well, what happened two weeks prior to getting sick? Yes, people that I live with did get their booster shots, but I also went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned, one of those more expensive routine periodontal cleanings that goes deeper than a regular teeth cleaning.

Periodontal disease runs in my family and, in fact, I believe it was a gum abscess that got me super sick to begin with four years ago.

Check out this headline: Patient's Dangerous Bacterial Infection Linked to Teeth Cleaning

Could getting my teeth cleaned somehow infected my sinus cavities or eustachian tubes or the like? It’s a very strong possibility.

Now, my concern all along is that somehow bacteria (from my gums) got into my central nervous system and/or I have a latent virus such as Epstein-Barr or chickenpox in my CNS that gets reactivated when my body is busy fighting something else...like possible bacterial infection...possibly from my gums.

My current neurologist, at least, has been open and has scheduled a spinal tap (aka lumbar puncture) to make sure I don’t have an infection in my spinal fluid, but the soonest appointment is a month from now.

I was holding off on the antibiotics, but I can’t wait a month to feel better, so screw it...I started taking them last night. Within hours I started to feel my head lighten up...it could be a coincidence but I’m feeling hopeful right now.

I’ve also noted from my labs that I’m on the low end of some results (hemoglobin and MCHC) that, if tipped over the edge, might indicate iron-deficiency anemia, which I’ve had in the past.

The ER doctors didn’t say anything about that either, nor did they mention my potassium being a point lower than it should have been. (At least my rheumatology nurse caught that one.) I’ll need to follow up with my integrative doctor regarding the on-the-edge hemoglobin, and I’ve already started taking a potassium supplement.

The Moral of the Story

The moral of the story is, most doctors are too busy to look at your lab results in a logical way. They are looking for big problems, not patterns.

If you had a covid vaccine and your relative (percentage of) lymphocytes went down temporarily, they wouldn’t blink an eye about it. As long as your total white blood cell count is normal, it’s not a big concern from a mainstream medical perspective.

However, you can research and learn to read your own labs to see if the doctors missed something. In my case, I think I can make a strong argument that allergies are not likely due to my low eosinophil count.

You may then need to shop around to find a doctor who is willing to take your concerns seriously. In my case, last year, the first urgent care doctor was arrogant and did not listen, and was a waste of time. But the second one actually took the time to dig a little deeper and look at the pattern that was showing up in my labwork to determine that antibiotics were a logical course of action.

And a PS... Are Immune Systems Tanking?

Finally, based on everything I’ve shared, I can say for sure that almost no mainstream doctor will look at Dr. Thompson’s lab results and have a freak out like he did over them...assuming the actual numbers of white blood cells are in the “normal” range.

That said, those labs are indicating something is going on after a vaccination.

In my case, I have wondered if my body fighting one thing (aka bacteria) makes it more vulnerable to a reactivation of another thing (chickenpox, for example).

Thus, it stands to reason that a human body that is fighting off inflammation from a vaccine might become more vulnerable to other infections or even cancers during that process.

I don’t think I’d go so far as to say the immune system is “tanking,” but it’s clearly stressed.

However, I’m not a doctor. I’m just trying to look at things logically.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


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