Whoever Controls Health Controls YOU

Thoughts on the coming medical tyranny


A bit of a rambly podcast here, with the main theme being the up-and-coming medical tyranny, which I believe will go way beyond vaccine mandates.

I also discuss integrative medical approaches, the entrenched medical bureaucracy (who elected Fauci?), and the alternative systems we need to put in place.

I’m working on a longer article on this topic, coming soon.

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P.S. Thanks for the well-wishes on my vertigo post from yesterday. My new ENT finally contacted me and wants to examine my ear in person and ordered a CT scan of my sinuses. If you want to see a really gross photo of the crap coming out of my nose…enjoy (otherwise, avert your eyes).

And to think the first ENT thought this was just allergies! Always get a second opinion when in doubt!


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