The Kids in the Hall Are Back, and I Am Getting a Spinal Tap Tomorrow

I may be off for the week. Why the KITH theme song makes me emotional.


I am getting a spinal tap (aka lumbar puncture) tomorrow morning, so I may not be writing much the rest of the week. I explain a little more in the video.

I also talk a little bit about the brand new season of The Kids in the Hall on Amazon Prime. The Kids in the Hall Canadian sketch comedy series originally aired from 1988 to 1995.

Here is my all-time favorite comedy sketch, ever, even surpassing many greats from Monty Python (your mileage may vary):

KITH wasn’t afraid to tackle challenging subjects, and no new comedy sketch troupe today could get away with what “Buddy Cole” said about racism back in the day:

And let’s not forget “I’M CRUSHING YOUR HEAD” in battle:

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